For over a quarter century, asbestos in buildings and workplaces have been  closely regulated.  Many operations require training of a Federal, state and/or local level.  ConTrax, LLC can help you obtain and maintain the required training with leading expert trainers in the field.  The following are some of the initial and refresher training programs offered:

  • EPA/OSHA Asbestos Awareness
  • EPA/NYS Asbestos Operations & Maintenance
  • EPA/NYS Asbestos Worker/Handler
  • EPA/NYS Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor
  • EPA/NYS Inspector & Management Planner
  • EPA/NYS Project Designer
  • NYS Air Sampling Technician & Project Monitor
  • NYS Restricted Handler - Allied Trades

Customized training is also available upon request.
Asbestos Training
"We knew that if we were to compete effectively in New York, we had to have an edge. We got one with your company."

- K Kerlan, Thorson Ltd.

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